Mistakes That Make Your Brand Look Unprofessional

Mistakes That Make Your Brand Look Unprofessional

There are many aspects that collectively make up your brand, but today, I wanted to focus on the visual elements. More specifically, some mistakes that could be making your brand look unrefined and unthoughtful.

Why Your Brand Matters

You only have a few short seconds to capture the attention of your dream client - whether it’s your logo at the top of your website or your graphics on social media, it is essential that your brand speaks to your audience. You have just a few seconds to tell people what you do, who you do it for, to portray your personality AND showcase your professionalism.

The truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of thousands of people online who are doing the same thing as you. If your branding doesn’t look professional or resonate with your dream client, there are other brands that will catch their eye - your potential clients are going to have no problem scrolling right past you if they don’t see something that grabs them. Those first impressions are essential in making sure your brand connects and talks to your target audience.

So, what things might you be doing that make your brand look unprofessional?

1. Low Quality Graphics


✘ pixelated, blurry graphics

✔ crisp, high quality graphics

Whether it’s your logo, images on your website or social media graphics, you need to ensure that everything you put out online is high-quality. I always shiver slightly at low quality graphics, especially when there are so many tools to avoid this problem!

These small but thoughtful touches make a world of difference - if your images are low quality and pixelated, it makes it look like you don’t care enough to get things right. In a world where everything is at your fingertips, achieving this polished look is super easy to achieve and you won’t regret making the effort to tidy up your look.

Low quality images can also make your brand look cheap or DIY, this can really effect how others view not only your brand but your services and products. Do your business justice and ensure that nothing is degrading the quality of your brand or reflecting on your offering, your business deserves a visual identity that showcases just how great your products/services are.

If it looks pixelated or low quality, give it a pass and wait until you can remake - you won’t regret it, it can wait.

2. Too Many Fonts

3 Mistakes That Are Making Your Brand Look Unprofessional-03.png

✘ too many, non-cohesive fonts

3 Mistakes That Are Making Your Brand Look Unprofessional-04.png

✔ 2 cohesive, thoughtful fonts

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited someone’s website to be over-faced by 20 different fonts.

It just looks chaotic and unrefined - it definitely causes me a certain level of stress as a font lover.

It gives off the impression that you couldn’t decide, that you haven’t taken the time or care to sit down and make that decision - you’ve just added them all in because you liked them all. But your brand can’t speak to everyone and it shouldn’t be a reflection of everything that you like on a personal level. Being strategic and picking 2 or 3 fonts that embody your brand will allow you to really knuckle down and focus on speaking to your dream clients Once you start presenting a visual identity that truly represents your business, you’ll be surprised at how your clients begin aligning with your values and goals.

Take some time to select 2 - 3 fonts that truly represent your brand, choose them because they speak to your people, not because you like them.

3. Not Enough Space

3 Mistakes That Are Making Your Brand Look Unprofessional-05.png

✘ elements too close together

3 Mistakes That Are Making Your Brand Look Unprofessional-06.png

✔ enough space to shine

Clean, white space is massively underrated!

People often try to fill every inch of their online space with “stuff”. And it’s just not necessary.

Cramming too much into your space makes things look chaotic, messy and crowded. As a brand, that makes you look chaotic, messy and crowded when you should be refined, thoughtful and purposeful.

Take the time to learn a little bit about kerning and line height to ensure that any fonts and text are easy to read and have enough spacing between. These things will encourage people to actually read what’s written rather than click off your site.

Keeping your designs and layouts neat and clean helps to portray professionalism and show that you only present the important, nothing is for the sake of it.

Don’t overcrowd your designs, only keep what’s necessary and give your elements room to shine.

If you’re interested in our branding identity packages, I would love to hear from you. We provide all of our clients with brand guidelines, showing you exactly how to execute your logos, colour palette, fonts and more - this offers consistency across all of your platforms and allows your dream client to truly see who you are and what you do.

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