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Mistakes That Make Your Brand Look Unprofessional

Are you wondering why you’re not attracting the right (or any) clients? Maybe it’s because you’re making these common mistakes that make your brand look unprofessional.

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What Is A Brand And Why You Should Refine Yours

There comes a time in every small business journey where you will need to sit down and gain some clarity on your brand. But what is a brand and how do you create one? Does it mean investing in a logo? Creating a business plan? Crafting a tag line?

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How To Define Your Brand Purpose & Why You Need To

Branding goes far beyond a logo and a couple of brand colours, it's about your audience. That's why being able to define your brand purpose is essential.

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Why You Need More Than Just A Logo

To put it simply, a single logo is not going to give you the foundation that your brand needs in the long run. As a passionate branding designer, I want to create something for you that will serve you in the long run and really reflect your brand in a cohesive and intentional way, digging deep into your brands' core values, goals and more. Designing “Just a logo” is restrictive and does not allow that essential depth that a brand requires.

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