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SSL Certificate: Why Your Squarespace Website Needs One
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Why We Use Squarespace and Why You Should Too!

Our love of Squarespace is no secret, there are so many benefits for both us as designers and you as small business owners - It’s our go-to for all of our website projects and here’s why.

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What are AMP Blog Posts & Why I Disabled Mine

When I first launched my website, I went through all of the settings in the backend of the site to hopefully optimise my content in the best way possible. one setting I came across was “Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)” - my first question was, what are AMP blog posts and do I need them?

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How To Transfer Your Domain From Weebly To GoDaddy
How To Customise The New Squarespace Cookie Banner

Squarespace initially introduced a not so lovely looking cookie banner which was grey with no customisation at all. Since then, there have been a number of revisions to the feature with options to alter the placement, colour scheme and call to action format.

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How to add your Squarespace website to Google Search Console
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Adding your Squarespace website to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that gives you insights into your website, allowing you to really understand who, what and why people are landing on your site. Here's how to install Google Analytics on your Squarespace site

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