Dubsado: The Tool That Completely Transformed My Client Process

When I started Ember 29, I knew that I wanted to offer more than just a website or design package. I wanted to offer a client experience that was enjoyable, organised and exciting. After taking a look at my client process and the number of steps involved, it was clear that I needed to find a software that was capable of managing everything. I didn’t want my clients using one software to sign documents, another to settle payments and yet another to review / upload content, it was too fussy for everyone involved.

After doing some research I came across Dubsado, the most amazing content management system (CMS). I signed up for a free trial and instantly fell in love, I knew that I had found what I was looking for and felt blown away by the capabilities of this platform.

Dubsado: The Tool That Transformed My Client Process

What can you do on Dubsado?

What can’t you do on Dubsado! There are so many ways to utilise this amazing platform, here are just a few:

  • Lead Capture + Management

  • Client Portals

  • Contract Management (send + sign)

  • Invoice Management (send + payment)

  • Forms, Questionnaires, Proposals, Proofs + More

  • Contact Information Management

  • Email Integration

  • Canned Emails

  • Workflow Automation

  • & More!

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Lead Capture + management

Anyone who has inquired about my services through my website contact form will automatically be added to Dubsado as a lead. I don’t have to lift a finger - their name, business information, project summary and more have been stored within the lead tab. This means that I simply have to log in, send over my information pack and wah-lah, everything is smooth and straight forward. If that lead comes back to me and wishes to book, I simply convert them from a lead to a job and they are all set up, ready to proceed.

Lead Capture Dubsado

Client Portals

One of my favourite Dubsado features is the ability to offer a client portal. A password protected portal which allows your clients to log in and see all of their contracts, invoices, files, emails and forms that you have previously sent each other. This saves tracing through emails to find files and also allows my clients to keep track of unpaid invoices, contracts and more.

Client Portals Dubsado

Contract Management

When it comes to legal documents, you have no room for mistakes. Dubsado takes the stress out of contract management, allowing you to send a contract and sign a contract within minutes. The digital signature is legally binding which means that you can forget the whole printing, signing and scanning routine! I also love the ability to create sub contracts, where I can send a design proof with a legally binding signature section, authorising the requested changes or sign off for final designs.

Dubsado Contract Template

Invoice Management

Just like contracts, invoices are super important to get right. It is a big step for your client to pay an invoice, they’re investing their money and so the process needs to feel safe and secure. Dubsado makes this so easy, offering payment plans, recurring invoices, subscriptions, international payments and more! You can also add your service packages and pricing so that your invoice can be created within a matter of seconds.


Forms, Questionnaires, Proposals, Proofs + More

One of the best features is the ability to create a range of documents which can be personalised to each client so, so easily. With the use of Smart Fields, I can create a document which adds the clients name, business, invoice, total cost, payment schedule and more - meaning that contracts can be autofilled with client details automatically. I particularly like the use of proposals, they allow me to send a quote which leads on to a contract and invoice, should the client accept it - it’s all so simple and smooth. Questionnaires look beautiful and allow clients to fill in their responses with ease, I love it.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.09.36.png

Contact Information Management

All contacts from clients past and present are stored in your address book, meaning that should I need to quickly access an email address, I can do so very quickly. This keeps everything central and makes ongoing work or returning client work a very simple process.

contact management Dubsado

Email Integration

Dubsado allows you to connect your email address, so that all emails you send from within the system come from your business email address. The client portal allows the client to see all of your emails (sent + received) which is great for finding things quickly - it also lets you know when the email was read which gives you peace of mind that the client has received it.

Email Integration Dubsado

Canned Emails

After working with a number of clients, you begin to realise that you tend to send the same emails over and over again. For example, sending a contract to one client isn’t going to differ from sending it to another client, the only difference is the contract itself. Dubsado allows you to create canned email templates so that you can have a number of responses ready, with details such as name and date changing dependent on the client.

Canned Emails Dubsado

Workflow Automation

There are certain tasks that you complete for similar clients every time. For example, I always add a contract, an invoice and a questionnaire - Dubsado allows you to create a workflow which automates this. The great thing is, you can make as many workflows as you’d like - applying them as and when you need.

Dubsado Workflows

A True Game Changer

These are just a few of the many ways that Dubsado has transformed my business processes, it’s an absolute must and I just couldn’t run my business the same without it. From the second a lead presses send on my website contact form to the sign off and final payment of a project, Dubsado is involved - they are a start to finish management system and I can’t express enough how much I love using the platform. And the best part is, my clients love it! I constantly get compliments on the process and how smooth it is from a customer perspective.

I love you Dubsado!


  • Dubsado is a one stop content management system that handles everything from legal documents and payment to client portals and lead capture

  • Dubsado has allowed me to streamline my client processes and spend more time on designing rather than organising and chasing

  • You can get 20% off your first month and 3 clients free by using our code - scroll to the top of the page!