What Is A Brand And Why You Should Refine Yours

What Is A Brand And Why You Should Refine Yours

There comes a time in every small business journey where you will need to sit down and gain some clarity on your brand. But what does that mean? Does it mean investing in a logo? Creating a business plan? Crafting a tag line?

The truth is, it means a few things. A brand is not a single element, it’s a collection of assets that together, represent your business - it’s your story. A brand is something that you grow over time, starting from a great idea or a dream before developing into something that your customers invest in, recognise and align with. It’s the ins and outs, the whys and the how’s. It’s the look and feel, the uniqueness that sets you apart from the rest.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another - Seth Godin

So, What Makes A Brand?

Your Vision

What do you do and why do you do it? Your vision is all about your story, the problems you solve and what motivates you to do what you do. Think of your vision as your purpose, it’s the foundation that everything you do is built upon.

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Your Values

What’s important to you and your people? These are things that underpin your business and allow you to connect with your target audience. By defining your brand values, you can implement them throughout everything that you do, allowing you to align with likeminded clients and customers.

Your Voice

How do you communicate with your audience? This may seem like an odd aspect but defining how your talk, type and interact with your audience is an important aspect of your brand. In your marketing materials, social media platforms or website, do you have a certain tone? Are you corporate, casual, energetic, serious, welcoming?

Your Visuals

Now, many people tend to mix up the word branding with brand. Branding is just one piece of the puzzle, it’s the visual identity that serves your brand, it’s your logo, your colour palette, your typography and more. Your branding is something that clients and customers will see throughout their interaction with your brand, take some time to make sure it truly reflects your purpose. To get your branding right, it’s essential to have the other V’s clearly defined.

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Why Do I Need a brand?

Your brand is so important and gaining clarity in what you do, why, how and for who will allow you to pin point and refine your business, process and strategy. Having a cohesive brand will allow you to hone in on what’s important, it will allow you to communicate with confidence, knowing your values and message are being shared exactly as you’d like them to be.

We look at all of these aspects when crafting our branding suites. We delve into the nuances of your business to make sure that when we design your logo or curate your colour palette, we know why we’re doing it and who we’re doing it for. After all, your branding should tell your story! Want to know more, why not take a look at our branding packages?

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