Why You Need More Than Just A Logo

Why You Need More Than Just A Logo

If you take a look at our branding packages, you may notice that not one of them offers ‘just a logo’. We offer a primary logo, secondary logo, submarks and more - it’s a minimum that we, and many other designers have set across the board and here’s why...

a logo doesn’t tell your story

As a passionate branding designer, I want to create something that will serve you in the long run and really reflect your passion and purpose in a cohesive and intentional way, digging deep into your core values, goals and more. Designing ‘Just a logo’ is restrictive and does not allow the essential depth that a brand requires and almost limits your visual identity and message.

Branding identity is not just your logo

Branding identity stretches far beyond your logo, it’s the look and feel of your business. This can be created by implementing a range of elements, including (but not limited to!) colour palette, typography usage, logo usage, brand patterns, marketing collateral, graphic elements and more. Limiting yourself to a logo can keep you within rigid boundaries, without room to expand and grow.

it’s more work in the long run

If you have purchased “just a logo”, you will eventually need to go back and develop your branding further as your business grows. This can raise a number of problems - the designer you originally worked with may not have space, other designers may decline working on someone else’s design and you will probably want to refine the logo that wasn’t well thought out in the first place. Investing in your branding from the get go can prevent this hassle down the line.

How we work

When we work with clients, we leave them with a toolkit, something that contains an array of assets that represent their values, speak to their audience, sell their product/service and help them grow their business throughout the future. From a primary logo on your website header, a submark on packaging designs, colour palettes across social media and typography guidelines for internal and external documents - having the flexibility of an extended brand identity will prove vital during the growth of any business.


+ Branding Identity is more than just your logo, it's the look and feel of your business, a collection of assets that tell your story

+ Secondary logos, submarks, colour palettes, typography and other elements will offer a cohesive variety within your branding

+ Having more than just a logo allows your business to breath and gives you that essential room to show who you are in many ways

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