Why Your Site May Not be Attracting Your Dream Client

Why Your Site May Not be Attracting Your Dream Client

You work hard and you’re passionate about your business but for some reason, you don’t seem to be attracting the right clients. It can leave you feeling completely deflated and more often than not, you start blaming yourself. However, the problem may be right in front of you - dun, dun, dun... your website!

Your online presence is something that can seriously let you down and turn your dream clients into the hands of competitors. Your website should be your best marketing tool, advertising your business, services and more - here are some of the things that could be killing your conversions.

Website Design

Nowadays, people can jump from website to website, skimming the content and trying to consume as much information in as little time. The way your website looks is incredibly important, if your site is outdated, unorganised and not too easy on the eye, you won’t get many staying. How your site looks is vital, for many, it’s the first impression someone will get of your brand. If your website design is fresh, modern and uncluttered, your visitors will enjoy using your website and in turn, more likely to work with you rather than a competitor.


How easy is it for visitors to navigate your website? Taking some time to put yourself in the clients’ shoes will allow you to really understand how they view your site. How many pages do you have? Do they effectively communicate your services and products? Having a simple to navigate website will allow potential clients to get from a (visiting your site) to b (converting) in no time.


We see it far too often, client’s will send paragraphs upon paragraphs of text for their website and let’s face it, not many people will read it. Spending some time to determine exactly what your focus is will allow you to focus your copy and cut down huge paragraphs to concise, to the point sentences. curating content can be a frustrating process and so working strategically and setting time aside to write killer copy is invaluable. 


It's 2018 and people expect to see beautiful visuals when visiting a website, from photos and videos to graphics and typography. Incorporating high quality visuals into your design will give the best first impression to the potential client, communicating trust, creativity and professionalism. 


You have a logo but do you have consistent branding? a colour scheme, a sub-mark, icons, fonts and more. Creating a strong and consistent brand experience throughout your website reassures the visitor that you know exactly who you are and what you do. Not only this, consistent branding will allow your brand to be memorable, giving potential clients an anchor to your business.