Business Tools

An ongoing list of the tools and resources that I use to run my creative business!



I seriously love Dubsado, from signing contracts and receiving payments to sending proposals and client homework, Dubsado has it all. I will often get clients inquiring about the system that I use because they love how smooth the process is, wanting the same for their own business. I signed up for a free trial and instantly fell in love, I knew that I had found what I was looking for and felt blown away by the capabilities of this platform.

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I seriously love MOYO, so much so that I emailed them with a message of appreciation after purchasing my first photography bundle from them. As a designer, I am often needing to mockup designs, allowing clients to truly visualise how their branding would look in various situations. The mockups by MOYO are amazing and so aesthetically pleasing, I can’t express how much I love them. Their photography has made my Instagram feed so easy to upkeep and my website looking bright and airy. I am subscribed to their quarterly membership which offers you unlimited use of all of their photos, mockups and scene creators - one of the best investments I have made for my business.

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The Contract Shop

Having a creative business is so much fun and I am so grateful to be working my dream job, however, it can get pretty serious if you don’t legally protect it. Having a contract, privacy policy and any other legal documents in place will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing you are protected if anything happens. I wholeheartedly recommend investing in an agreement template from The Contract Shop, which is super easy to customise to your business, they are also GDPR compliant which is super important given the new data regulations here in the EU.

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Inspiring Creatives

A few amazing creative ladies that inspire me and my business!



I got in touch with Dani when my business started to take on more work - I needed help with my blog and other business tasks so I could focus on my design work. Organise & Grow can help with so many aspects of running a business - seriously, you name it, they can do it. If you’re in need of a business bestie, Dani is your gal.


Katy Mairs

Katy just has a way with words. I have followed her for years - her humour, amazing music taste and creativity have always kept me engaged with her content. Whether you’re looking for someone to capture your dream client with carefully curated copy or perhaps your socials could use a little TLC, Katy is your gal.


Jade Golding

I find myself falling in love with every photo Jade posts on Instagram, her work is simply beautiful. The style and aesthetic of her work is just captivating and so, so dreamy.