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Contracts for creatives

I get it, trust me. The legal stuff can seem scary and to be honest, a little boring - where do you start? But hey, it needs to be done (sooner rather than later)! You don't want to be dealing with unpaid invoices, random project cancellation and unorganised clients down the line. When it comes to contracts, The Contract Shop are the bomb dot com. Their templates can be customised and implemented within 10 short minutes - and you only need to purchase once! Simply customise to your business and you're ready to go!




If you offer a service, chances are you need a contract to protect you and your client. Here are some fields that usually require one…


My Experience

When I left the corporate world to pursue design on my own terms, I was left feeling lost when it came to contracts. I just couldn’t find a lawyer that was transparent, down to earth and creative, like me!

The Contract Shop put a huge smile on my face, they make contracts accessible to all without the patronising lingo or boring look. I also love supporting another small business who truly cares for their customers and puts 110% into everything they do.

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