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Stock Photography + Mockups

Girl, do you know how long it took me to find stock photography that didn't suck?! I wanted minimal, beautiful and light photography yet all I could find was tacky, colourful and 'in your face' - it just wasn't my style. Finding MOYO has transformed by business, after subscribing to their membership I have never been short of photography/mockups for my design business. The best thing is, they upload new bundles all the time so your stash is always growing!

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My feed is full of MOYO photography and mockups. I couldn’t post daily without them, it takes away the pressure of finding beautiful imagery and allows me to focus on running my business.

Whether I plan in advance or need a last minute photo, having hundreds of photos at my fingertips is invaluable to my business and something I could never give up. I love personalising the mockups and putting my own touch on each image - it’s the perfect way to showcase my work to potential clients whilst remaining on brand and relevant to my audience.

If light, dreamy and consistent photography is important to you, MOYO are your go-to.


Why I Love moyo photography

After downloading my first photography bundle, I emailed MOYO to let them know how in love I was with their work. I had never seen consistent stock photography that reflected my style - minimal, light and authentic. To top it all off, it didn’t cost the world and so I could continuously purchase their bundles each time I needed fresh imagery.

Since my first purchase, MOYO have launched their quarterly membership which is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. It’s transformed how I source and use photography for my website, social media and marketing collateral. I went from spending hours finding the right photos to having instant access to their growing library. It’s a complete game changer and has allowed me to create consistent content whilst remaining on brand.

I couldn’t express my love for MOYO enough, they are such a talented small business and everything they do is always beautiful, inspiring and unique.

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